Help (FAQ)

Help (FAQ)

The website is created and operated by the company 5th FLOOR GmbH. 5th FLOOR GmbH is an expert in web design, web development and online marketing. We (the company owners) have been connected to Ibiza and Formentera for years and we are now turning our passion into a profession.

IFY brings together boat lovers, rental companies and charter agencies.

My family and I love Ibiza and Formentera. We also love to explore the islands by boat. In doing so, we do not lose sight of the ideas of sustainability and environmental awareness. That is why we want to create awareness for a mindful approach to nature and actively contribute to it by supporting projects like “Save Posidonia”. With every booking, our customers therefore automatically contribute to the conservation of the Posidonia seagrass.

Global charter portals do not make this local contribution.

Select your desired boat and check availability for the desired period. The search can be refined with search filters: e.g. boat type, length, number of passengers, price. Once you have found “your” boat, you can book directly or contact the provider via the messaging system to clarify further questions. The provider will receive your request and respond as soon as possible.

The price for boat rental depends on numerous factors: Boat type, length, year of construction, season, fuel costs, special equipment, rental with or without skipper, with or without catering, final cleaning…

As a guideline, renting a licence-free boat starts at around €80 per day. For the rental of a motorboat for up to 12 people you have to calculate from 650€ per day. Larger boats can cost up to €5,000 in the high season. Yachts cost at least €1,500 per day, but can cost €500,000 or more per week. If the skipper is not included in the price, you will have to pay an additional 100€ to 300€ per day.

Yes. On IFY, boats are offered with and without a skipper, sometimes both options are available for the same boat. Check this aspect in the description of the respective boat. Yachts over 15m are usually only rented with crew.

Yes, you can also rent a boat without a corresponding driving licence. In Spain, boats up to 5 metres in length and up to 15 hp can be hired without a licence.

If you want to drive a larger boat yourself, you need the appropriate licence. The licence required depends on the type of boat (sailing or motor boat, inland or sea). You can clarify these questions with the provider.

Another possible option is to hire a boat with a skipper. This way you can enjoy discovering Ibiza or Formentera from a boat even without the appropriate licence.

Renting a boat through IFY is very easy: register for free, fill in your landlord profile and enter all important information about the boat. You can post your boat or boats yourself, or you can use our service for owners.

The information we need about your boat is: the technical characteristics, prices and extras, photos and availability.

After uploading a boat, we check the details to ensure that you have entered all the required information correctly. Then you can receive enquiries and bookings.

Help / FAQ for tenants

At IFY, payment is made by credit card (Visa, MasterCard), Paypal or bank transfer. Payment is made via the website.

To book a boat with IFY, proceed as follows:

You have made your choice among the available boats.

You exchange questions with the provider via the internal messenger and when all questions have been clarified you click on the “Book” button.

You can complete the payment via online payment. Booking fees will only be charged once the supplier has accepted your booking request.

Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive an email confirming your booking and giving you access to the provider’s details. You can now contact the provider to discuss the details for the charter (meeting point in the port, passenger list, etc.).

Any damage or breakdown must be reported to IFY within 24 hours of the rental period:

  • by telephone on +49 2324 9041578 from Monday to Sunday from 09:00 to 17:00
  • by e-mail to

To complete the claim, it is necessary to provide the rental agreement and the damage report signed by the tenant and provider, as well as photos of the damage.

In the event that the rented boat breaks down during the rental period, it is possible to cancel the rental agreement under certain conditions.

If weather conditions do not permit safe navigation, you can also arrange with the provider to postpone the reservation to a later date.

If no alternative date can be found, the provider may offer a refund or a voucher. In the event of a refund, the provider will refund the rental price less the commission. This will be refunded by IFY, in the form of a one-year credit.
If the boat hire lasts more than one day, cancellation or rebooking due to weather conditions does not apply.

All providers are obliged to insure their boats. Before cooperating with IFY, each provider must make a declaration that their boats are insured during the rental periods and that the insurer has been informed about the rental activity.

Help / FAQ for providers

After confirming the booking, send the tenant all the necessary documents (rental contract, takeover protocol, safety information, etc.).

Agree on the details for the rental (meeting point, times, route, etc.).

At the start of the rental period, you carry out a proper boat handover. The safety briefing is also important here and also the inspection of the boat to record the condition and any previous damage.

When returning the boat, check the condition of the boat together with the hirer and record any defects or damage found in a log.

If the hirer does not turn up or cancels on the day of the boat hire, you will still receive your hire.

If the tenant cancels in advance, the cancellation conditions of your rental contract apply.

If the booking is cancelled by the customer before the rental agreement is signed, or if you have not provided your own details, the following conditions apply:

  • If the cancellation is made more than 60 days before the start of the rental period, 50% of the total rental price will be charged.
  • If the cancellation is made between 30 and 60 days before the start of the rental period, 75% of the total rental price will be charged.
  • If the cancellation is made less than 30 days before the start of the rental period, 100% of the total cost will be charged.

You can cancel a booking if

  • weather conditions do not permit safe boating.
  • The hirer does not have sufficient skills to guarantee a safe boat hire.
  • your boat has suffered damage.

Please note:
When you confirm a booking request, you commit to renting out your boat during that period. After two unfounded cancellations, your ad will be deleted.

For boat hire “with captain” and you as skipper on board, you do not need any additional insurance. You are the responsible person on board.

For boat rentals “without captain”, i.e. without you on board, your boat must have additional insurance for private hire.

Die Kaution wird von Ihnen verwaltet. The deposit is managed by you.

If you only notice minor damage after the boat rental, you can propose a settlement to the hirer to compensate for damage to your boat.

IFY is not a decision maker in the event of a claim. If we try to mediate, we need a detailed description of the situation (rental contract, damage, invoice, pictures etc…).

Should a problem arise with a tenant, please contact IFY at

Your question is not included?

If you don’t find an answer here or you are missing important questions, please feel free to send us your questions. We will answer these as soon as possible and, if necessary, add them to this list in order to be able to better help other tenants or providers.

Low emisseion Yachtcharter

Mit Ihrer Buchung unterstützen Sie Save Posidonia Project

Wir von IFY spenden einen Teil Ihrer Chartermiete an “Save Posidonia Project”. So schützen Sie mit jeder Buchung eine Fläche von etwa 5 bis 250qm Neptungras. Je nach Größe des gecharterten Bootes.

Low emisseion Yachtcharter

With your booking you encourage Save Posidonia Project

We at IFY donate a portion of your charter fee to “Save Posidonia Project”. Thus, with each booking you protect an area of about 5 to 250sqm of Neptune grass. Depending on the size of the chartered boat.