How it works

Rent a boat

Find the right boat

Take your time to look at all the boats on offer, immerse yourself in the world of travel and discovery and start dreaming about your dream boating holiday.

Create an account and contact the provider

Once you have found the boat for your dream holiday, create a free customer account and contact the provider via the internal messaging function. Ask him all your questions (rental conditions, times, ...).

Book your boat

Once all questions have been clarified and the boat is available, book your boat for the desired rental period. Once your booking has been confirmed by the supplier, your bank account will be debited and you will receive the contact details of the boat owner.

Key handover

After the booking has been completed by the provider, you can contact him/her to discuss the details (time agreement, signing of the contract, takeover protocol, etc.) and to arrange the handover of the keys.

Rate & Comment Experience

After the rental, rate the boat and the provider and comment on your experience to help the next renters choose the boat.

Have we convinced you? Rent your boat via IFY!

Offer my boat for rent

Create an account

Create your provider account. Simple and free of charge. Complete your profile.

Publish yout boat

Fill out the form. Select your boat type and complete the entry. As soon as you have entered all the details, you can place your advertisement online. Use meaningful photos in as good a quality as possible and a nice description to show your boat off to its best advantage.

Manage bookings

When you receive messages from members interested in your boat, respond quickly and discuss the terms of hire. Once all questions have been clarified, the customer can make his booking directly. If you accept the booking, his account will be debited and the booking confirmed.

Meet tenants

Once the booking has been accepted and confirmed, you will receive all the tenant's details (address, telephone, e-mail) in order to be able to arrange the details of the rental and handover of the keys (place and time of the meeting point, signing of the rental contract, handover protocol, etc.).

Rate tenant

After the rental period, rate the nautical skills, reliability, friendliness, etc. of your tenants. of your tenants to make it easier for the other providers to process their booking requests.

Have we been able to win you over for boat rental via IFY?

Low emisseion Yachtcharter

Mit Ihrer Buchung unterstützen Sie Save Posidonia Project

Wir von IFY spenden einen Teil Ihrer Chartermiete an “Save Posidonia Project”. So schützen Sie mit jeder Buchung eine Fläche von etwa 5 bis 250qm Neptungras. Je nach Größe des gecharterten Bootes.

Low emisseion Yachtcharter

With your booking you encourage Save Posidonia Project

We at IFY donate a portion of your charter fee to “Save Posidonia Project”. Thus, with each booking you protect an area of about 5 to 250sqm of Neptune grass. Depending on the size of the chartered boat.