Local charter portal with responsibility for our nature

Local boat hire, for the love of Ibiza and Formentera

Why local and not global?

My family and I love Ibiza and Formentera and we have recognised the responsibility that the boating industry has to face: The responsibility to protect nature and to ensure that the Caribbean of the Mediterranean is preserved.

We want to actively contribute to this and will use part of the charter income for local environmental and climate projects. E.g. for the project “Save Posidonia”. Or by offsetting the CO2 pollution caused by the chartered boats. For example, through tree planting or other CO2 offsetting measures.

For the coming 2021 season, we have considered supporting the “Save Posidonia” project. We will donate 10% of the commission we earn to “Save Posidonia”. Owners who do the same will receive a seal of approval, which will be published in the boat advertisements.

A globally operating charter portal cannot make this local contribution. Our focus is on the responsible treatment of nature, so we would like to try to create an appropriate balance and, above all, an awareness of sustainability and the environment among boat lovers.

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Mit Ihrer Buchung unterstützen Sie Save Posidonia Project

Wir von IFY spenden einen Teil Ihrer Chartermiete an “Save Posidonia Project”. So schützen Sie mit jeder Buchung eine Fläche von etwa 5 bis 250qm Neptungras. Je nach Größe des gecharterten Bootes.

Low emisseion Yachtcharter

With your booking you encourage Save Posidonia Project

We at IFY donate a portion of your charter fee to “Save Posidonia Project”. Thus, with each booking you protect an area of about 5 to 250sqm of Neptune grass. Depending on the size of the chartered boat.